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Philadelphia, PA 19123


Construction Building Supply located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has been servicing all of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas for many years. We specialize in in the Building Materials, Exterior business / industry within the Wholesale Trade - Durable Goods sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 17 years. Here at CBS, our mission is to always provide quality service at an affordable price. The success of our company is due to the dedication we provide to our customers.

500 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

2250 E. Ontario Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124

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Fax: (215) 922 2551
E-mail: cbs.lichao58@gmail.com

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Drywall 1/2x4x10
Drywall 1/2x4x10 MD XP
Drywall 1/2x4x8'
Drywall 1/2x4x8 MD XP Purple
Drywall 5/8x4x10'
Drywall 5/8x4x8'
Drywall 5/8x4x8 MD XP Green


Insu R49 16x48 32sqft
Insu Rox R15 TempControl 34.8sq
Insu R13 15" x 93"106.56 sqft
Insu R21 15"x93" 67.81sqft
Insu R38 16"x48" 42.66 sqft
Insu R30 16"x48" 58.66 sqft
Insu R13 16" 117.33 sqft
Insu R21 16"x96" 74.67sqft
Insu R19 15"x93" 87.18 sqft

Engineered Lumber


Please call the office


Lumber 2x3x8
Lumber 2x3x8
Lumber 2x3x10
Lumber 2x4x8
Lumber 2x4x92 5/8
Lumber 2x4x10
Lumber 2x4x12
Lumber 2x4x16
Lumber 2x6x8
Lumber 2x6x10
Lumber 2x6x12
Lumber 2x6x16
Lumber 2x8x12
Lumber 2x8x16
Lumber 2x10x12
Lumber 2x10x14
Lumber 2x10x16
Lumber 2x10x20
Lumber 2x12x12
Lumber 2x12x16
Lumber 2x12x20


Plywood B/C 1/2x4x8
Plywood B/C 3/4x4x8
Plywood CDX 1/2x4x8
Plywood CDX 3/4x4X8
Plywood CDX 5/84x8
Plywood 5/8 4x8 Fire Rate
Plywood Lau 1/4x4x8
Plywood OSB 1/2x4x8
Plywood OSB 23/32(3/4) 4x8 T&G
Plywood Zip 1/2x4x8


Lintel Concrete 48"
Lintel Concrete 56"
Lintel Concrete 64"
Lintel Concrete 84"
Lintel Limestone 2.25x5.50x48"
Lintel Limestone 2x12x49"
Lintel Limestone 2x12x73"
Lintel Limestone 2x12x85"

Concrete Blocks & Bricks

Block , Hollow 4" X 8 X16
Block , Hollow 6" x 8 x16
Block , Hollow 8" X 8 X16
Block , Hollow 12" X 8 X16
Block , Solid 4" X 8 X16
Brick , Red TK
Brick , Solid

Cement, etc

Mortar Mix 80lb.
Gravel Mix 80lb.
Lime Cement
Stone bag
Concrete Sand bag
Bar Sand bag
Type I
Type I White
Type N
non shrink Grout Patch all 50lb

Rebar, etc

Rebar #3 3/8" 20'
Rebar #4 1/2" x 20'
Rebar #5 5/8" x 20'
Rebar #6 3/4 x 20'
Rebar #7 7/8 x 20'
Rebar #8 1"x 20'
Rebar Chair 2" x 5'
Rebar Chair 3" x 5'
Rebar Chair 4" x 5'

Track and Stud

Stud 2x2x10 25GA
Stud 2x2x12 25GA
Stud 2x2x8 25GA
Stud 2x3x10 20GA
Stud 2x3x10 25GA
Stud 2x4x10 16GA
Stud 2x4x10 18GA
Stud 2x4x10 25GA
Track 2x2x10 25GA
Track 2X3X10 25GA
Track 2x4x10 16GA
Track 2X4X10 18GA
Track 2X4X10 20GA
Track 2x6x10 18GA
Track 2x6x10 20GA

Moulding and Trim

Trim Door Casing 3 1/4 x 16
Trim Door Casing 2 1/4 x 14
Baseboard 5 1/4 x 16'
Baseboard 3 1/4 x 16'
3/4 Quarter Round 16'
Prime Board 1x4x16
Prime Board 1x6x16
Prime Board 1x8x16
Prime Board 1x10x16
Prime Board 1x12x16
PVC Trim 1x4x18
PVC Trim 1x6x18
PVC Trim 1x8x18
PVC Trim 1x10x18
PVC Trim 1x12x18

Roof, etc

ROOF GAF Ruberoid Torch Roll
Karnak Aluminum Roof Coating
Karnak 112 Foundation & Roof
karnak 19 Flash Cement Red
Black Paper # 15 Roll
All Season Shield Ice

Steel Angle

We cut the lenght you need

3x3 by
3x4 by
3x5 by

Simpson Hanger

Please call the office

Other, etc


Other, Please call the office